Stover Module Retriever Bed

Stover Module Retriever Bed 

The Stover Cotton Module Retriever Bed is a completely hydraulic system.  It is equipped with rubber tracks for loading & unloading seed cotton modules and transporting them from the field to the cotton gin.  Our beds are simple and efficient to maintain which allows the customer more time to haul modules.


Advantages of the Stover bed:

  • 12 bed chains with wear plates and RMS chain to haul round modules
  • Self cleaning tailwheels
  • Grated floor to allow dirt & sand to fall though
  • Automatic rear bumper
  • Built-in chain oilers
  • Van & tarp
  • Electric splitter valve for both round & mini module loading & unloading
  • Strobe lights

Other Options:

Willams Farms (10)

  • RMS Roller Tailwings – to aid in loading round modules
  • RMS Hydraulic Wings – back wing automatically opens to act as a “funnel” for larger round modules
  • Camera & Monitor – this options allows the driver to view the module while loading & unloading