Stover Cotton Train & 6-Bale Trailer

Stover Cotton Train 

  • Hauls 10 round cotton modules per load
  • Ease of loading – each module has a place to sit
  • Turning ability excellent out of fields
  • Only center tie-downs needed
  • 11R-22.5 tires for reduced heat
  • Cost per mile is lower
  • Transport on the Interstate

Stover Cotton Train Brochure

Stover Cotton Train Video

6-Bale Trailer 

  • Haul 6 round modules per load
  • Loads in the field
  • Unloads at destination
  • No tie-downs needed
  • Tracks keep bed chains “in time” when loading and unloading
  • Transport legally on the interstate

Stover 6-Bale Trailer Brochure