Stover Unwrapper GIS


The Stover Unwrapper GIS is completely electric. It will automatically lift, cut & rotate round modules that have been built by a John Deere 7760 cotton picker. No operator is needed, only one person to remove the wrap. The Unwrapper gantry is stationary and capable of processing round modules, mini modules & traditional modules at a turn of a switch. It is adaptable to most module feeders including moving floor feeders, roller bed feeders and chain bed feeders. With the Stover GIS, modules are processed axially for uniform feed at 80+ lint bales per hour. Spacing between each round modules is not needed when unloading the feeder.

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Specifications for Cotton Gins
Voltage: 460 AC 3 phase
Total of 25 horsepower
Minimum height: 14’ above conveyor floor
Minimum width on cutter side: 9′ from center of feeder floor
Minimum width on wrap removal side: 10’6″

Other Advantages of Stover GIS:
Meets All John Deere Requirements    
No hydraulics
Wrap is not punctured by spikes or other removal objects
No feed control is needed
                                             2008 AE50 Award Winner