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During the cotton ginning season, ginners are constantly on the go. They coordinate moving modules from fields to the gin yard. They manage the cotton entering the feeder floor and making its way through the gin. They keep the gin running should something break down. And, they still manage to gin cotton. 
Farmers who use traditional modules have one option to get their cotton to the gin: the traditional module truck. However, farmers who generate round modules from their 7760 can move four round modules with a module truck or now they can now move six round modules
with increased flexibility by the

Stover Module Trailer

Increased flexibility in moving modules from the field to the gin yard is only the beginning of a long list of benefits ginners gain with round modules. Round modules are fully wrapped, minimizing the amount of lost cotton in the field or at the gin yard. For a gin ginning round modules, there is no need for a cleanup crew because there is no lost cotton on the ground. 

Cotton from round modules tends to flow through the gin easier than cotton from conventional modules due to reduced static electricity.  Ginners around the country have reported positive results when ginning round modules. They have found the compact, round module helps reduce cotton loss and quality degradation.  The highly engineered wrap provides weather- and element-resistant round modules that preserve the quality of the fiber and seed delivered to the gin. © 2015                     Powered by Systemseven